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World in 2714

An Introduction

It has been an age since unified human civilization was shattered by an engineered catastrophe that nearly destroyed humanity as we knew it. Civilization’s resurgence stands in stark opposition to the lands still wallowing in the scars of ages past, and the discord sown by clashes between newly risen nation-states. The soil is seeped with Akroydiesel, the sloshing remains of a mass of animal and plant matter rendered liquid hundreds of years ago by a bioweapon that nearly ended humanity. The substance can be broken into two parts, Akroy and Diesel. Akroy excites biological growth, which can be used in the fields to stir growth in even the most desolate of lands when properly treated. Diesel is an incredibly versatile and powerful liquid fuel for combustion engines. Together these substances have made reclamation of the world by humanity possible in only a few centuries--despite serious changes to the atmosphere, which hamper all radio signals, and led to the invention of new technologies for long ranged communication. Technical understanding of most digital computation has been lost, though many of the same principles are deployed crudely in analogue format. Some populations of humans have become what are commonly called morphs, mutated via some means to go beyond common humanity’s normal genetic makeup. Isolation and strange self-propagatory creatures known as “morphants” dedicated to injecting humans with the nanites they cultivate within their own spine, alongside genetic drift from ancient gene editing techniques causing unforeseen consequences over the generations, contribute heavily to these individuals current anatomical anomalies. Others have suffered such a long break with civilization that they’ve regressed technologically or societally. Primitives with RAM-tipped spears and Luddites praising digital messiahs stalk the hollow corpses of industrialized society in abandoned regions.

Shattered Continents

The old world’s political order has left its mark on the land, but it is skewed and filtered through centuries of misinformation and irrelevance. What has emerged from the Lost Age is in some senses of cruel parody of the political order that ended nearly seven hundred years ago with the abolition of national governments.

North America

The Eastern Free States (E.F.S.) and the Western Federation of States (WFS) have long agreed in principle to reconstitute the fabled United States of yore. For the coastal states however, this aspiration is undercut by a number of consternating factors. What of the Nor’American interior betwixt the Appalachians and Rockies is not wasteland is under control of the Tribal Coalition: an institution known to be able to field in excess of one million war riders who are mobilized year round in various patrol and secure missions, provisioned for locally by townships, caravans, and villages that belong to the Coalition. They are willing to trade, but unwilling to bow. The nature of their organization does not provide for being absorbed into a larger polity and the necessary consensus between the Nations has never materialized over the course of about two decades of asking. Some have said the time to ask is over, but the odds of victory on that front are slim and with great cost.

To the south, the Republio Tejas associates all Liberty Caste efforts to be conspiratorial at best and genocidal on average. They will hear out neither the EFS nor the WFS, claiming the mantle of the United States for themselves alone. While happy to play their nieghbours in football and partake in free trade agreements popular support for unification is a long way off for the Lone Star.


The Franco-Iberain League (FIL) has launched a surprise war against the Republik in the light of the Caretaker AI that ran their country malfunctioning. Blaming the Republik and eliciting EFS support the FIL has thrown itself into an all-or-nothing campaign, and after making initial headway are suffering massive casualties as the Republik’s warmachine is fully brought to bare. Elite EFS Mobile Armoured Lances oF and aeronautical forces have been dispatched to the heart of the conflict in hopes of turning the tide in favour of the FIL--or at least letting them hold their own.