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Weapon Qualities

Braced Fire: Weapons with this quality not braced appropriately or fired from Prone suffer a -20 to-Hit.
Rending (X): Ignores X many points of Res when dealing damage.
Caustic: Ignores Res when dealing damage, always reduces Condition of clothing/armour hit.
Crank Load: This weapon requires a full action to be loaded each time it is reloaded.
Crank Fired: This antique is operated not via trigger, but crank, and accuracy suffers. All tests firing with it take -20%.
Cone (X): Weapon fires in a Cone X meters wide out to its range, those on the border of the Cone (in squares not 100% covered by the Cone) may attempt an Agility BAT +10 to get out of the way to take half damage but those within all take the full damage unless there is a solid object or other person blocking the blow for them.
Circle (X): Damage is dealt from the area of impact to a Circle of X meters radius. Those on squares on the edge of the circle (in squares not 100% covered by the Circle) may dodge as described in Cone to take half damage, otherwise they eat the full damage.
(X) Psyche: Denotes damage done directly to an affected foe’s Psyche.
Electro: Deals double the hardness value of any metal armour worn touching the target person, 1 Psyche damage.
Entangling: When this weapon connects, the struck person rolls d10+Luck. On a 12+ they are not entangled. Otherwise they become entangled.
Ensnaring: When this weapon connects, the struck person rolls d10+Luck. On a 17+ they are not ensnared. Otherwise they become ensnared.
No Parry: This weapon may never be used to Parry.
Auto Parry: This weapon allows the wielder to strike a Parrying stance as a free action..
Reach (X): May make a melee attack on targets up to X many meters away (adjacent enemies are “two meters away,” etc).
Shield: May be used to block one incoming attack per turn as a free action. Taking the block action allows an individual shield to block two attacks.
Heavy: Counts twice for encumbrance.
-(x)m: Reduces movement by that much when worn.
Deployable Stock: Can be made a two handed weapon and gain all the benefits of having a stock as a free action while wielded. Undeploying the stock takes a half action. Cannot have a stock installed.
Stealth (X): When used from Stealth, rather than breaking stealth, your attack reduces your Stealth level by X.
Incendiary (X): Luck X test is made to avoid catching on fire. Any flammable surface within the area of effect may catch fire at DW’s discretion.