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Virgioan Sights

The flood prone coasts and rivers of Virgio crisscross the landscape with wetlands used to great effect by local farmers. To the west the soil is rich in Akroydiesel, and the various cities and towns are criss crossed with rail to make transit particularly easy. Verdant fields, dense woods, and flooding creeks surround the surprisingly small capital of Richmond.

Virgio Politics

Generally speaking Virgoans want as small a government as will continue to subsidize their preferred industry, but given proximity to the capital many groups prefer to focus on national level lobbying.

Virgoans tend to swing Unionist with a hint of Capital Party sympathy, especially if the Unionists do anything to threaten shipping and the arms industry--old caches of weapons are constantly unearthed in Virgio and go for a pretty penny at auction. Local issues generally pertain to flood relief and farming subsidies.

On the long view most Virgoans believe Alexandria the Great is rightful Virgoan territory and will generally support measures to obtain the land so long as they do not come at any personal expense. More feasibly they hope to loosen banking restrictions they feel unfairly limit their ability to compete with Kashville banks, which there is some truth to.

High Virgoan Society

A land of propriety and strict social decorum, Virgio is known for priding itself on being a state of proper conduct. Finely tailored silks, grand orchestral music, elegant balls, fine vino imported directly from the FIL’s finest vineyards, and other appertaining elements of culture. Those without the means or motive to put on airs are not taken seriously in Virgoan high society, and cannot expect to gain political or economic sway in the state.

Low Virgoan Culture

Beyond the stiff collars and stern manners of the ball room, there is a wider culture of acceptance and creative endeavour in Virgio that sprouts in the least likely places. The soup kitchens and shanties of Virgio play host to more concerts than the concert halls, composing verse is a common and spontaneous habit amongst the lower classes, and fashion is as much a statement as a reflection of whatever bedazzlement could be looted from the last ruin they visited.

Economy of Virgio

Banking and drilling are Virgio’s industry staples, although they also like to play up their agriculture for aesthetic and cultural purposes it does not stand out as compared with other agrarian states.

Most economic contentions in Virgio come from friction between Virgoan banking ventures and those of Kashville, far to the west across the mountains. They have a leg up by being an E.F.S. state but also find themselves two steps behind: they are subject to E.F.S. federal laws and oversight that Kashville is not as a city state.

Bounty Hunting in Virgio

Those who cross the wrong Virgoan aristocrat run the risk of having a contract put out on their head through the illicit bounty hunting system. While nominally illegal less than no federal or local resources go to shutting it down, and while individual bounty hunters may do time for an unseemly murder they’ll still get paid. This makes crossing Virgoan gentry a poor idea.

Border Conflict

After what most impartial observers characterize as deliberate provocation on the part of Virgio, Appalachian enclaves along their border have adopted fairly aggressive raiding policies. The State Guard has done what they can to lock down the situation but the strikes come from hidden staging bases and conclude quickly after passing through heavily wooded areas. This makes aerial reconnaissance and ground patrols insufficient to catch even a quarter of activity, and their efforts focus less on the independent derricks and more the population centers of western Virgio.

It is rumoured that Appalachian resentment of Virgio is an ancient conflict that predates even the Lost Age, but if this is so only those mountain men know. Scholars have scoured Virgoan history in an attempt to understand the ancient context of the conflict, but no public announcement of findings has ever been made. Virgoans have defaulted to presuming it is not relevant to the situation at hand.

Kashville has comparatively smooth relations with Appalachia, however, and most convoys from or to the city state pass through the valleys unmolested.

Rough Times in Virgio

Appalachian raiders striking the western frontier, pirates ravaging the flooding waterways, and bandits creeping betwixt the rural communities on the lookout for vulnerable travelers. While busses and other traffic along major highway are normally state for fear of reprisal from the State Guard, once one veers even slightly off the beaten road they put themselves in fate’s hands.

The wildlife is certainly a threat in Virgo as well, though the rural folk sometimes know of home-remedies to avoid them these are generally half-or-more superstition. It does mean their settlements are less likely to be ravaged by animals however.