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Traps and Attachments

Traps and Attachments Table

Traps And Attachments

Attachment Descriptions

For Guns
Bayonet (affixed): Users of this gun now take a -5 on tests to shoot, but may stab with the affixed weapon at a -5.
Bayonet Slot: As above, however the bayonet may be (un)affixed as a half action.
Extended Barrel (X): Adds X to range.
40mm Underslung Grenade Launcher: May be affixed to suitably long barrels, although creative Repair attempts can see it mounted in a variety of locations on all manner of weapons or fixed objects.
Scope (X): A scope, where X is the benefit added the base Aiming bonus. Normally must be found or bought.
Fore Grip: Something to steady a rifle, it reduces the penalty for B/A fire by 5 and Str Auto by 5.
Stock: Steadies the gun, adding +5 to all firing checks with it, reduces Str Auto by 5.
Flashlight: It’s an attached flashlight. Runs off an A-Pak, uses 1 charge over 5 minutes.
Sling: Holds two-handed weapons to your body as if an Accessory.
Hairpin Trigger: +5 on second attack with this gun in a turn.
Magholder: Reload as a free action. Putting a mag in the magholder is a half action.

For Bows
Arrow Holder (X): Keeps X many arrows knocked ready for fire, as Magholder.
Bow Scope (X): A scope, where X is the benefit added the base Aiming bonus. Regular Scopes may be applied to bows but require a Repair test.
Guide: +5 to all shots made with the bow.