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Green and Growing

Savannah is a thickly wooded state with lively overgrowth that sometimes does not stay fully still. Lush and wild, the plant life sometimes literally threatens to consume travelers. Generally a wild overgrowth, the areas cleared for agriculture and reclaimed from the ruins for living space are easily the most bountiful lands in the E.F.S. Beautiful to behold and lovely to live in, Savannah is a joy to the eye and sometimes called the Jewel of the South.

Politics in Savannah

Given the need for heavy federal involvement in controlling the overgrowth in Savannah, alongside the heavy investment in the E.S.F.C.A.R.F research and production facility for mechs, has made the Unionist Party fairly popular. Various corporate ventures are known to have had an excitatory influence on the local Capital Party, but largely the Populist Party swoops in to take seats wherever dissatisfaction grows enough with the Unionists that the people will vote them out.

Savannah Society

The people of Savannah are used to banding together for survival against the elements. This creates a general sense of collectivist hospitality, and Savannah Hospitality is well known throughout the Southern Six and E.F.S. generally.

Growers and Showers

The Savannah agricultural engine feeds the E.F.S. on an endless stream of produce. Getting at the Akroydiesel can be a bit harder here due to entangling roots and constant growth threatening remote derricks. What’s more, where drilling does happen it can sometimes arouse the anger of local creatures. The great agricultural capacity of the state more than makes up for it however.

Lost City of Atlanta

Once an industrial asset and in talks to join the E.F.S., Atlanta has been completely lost: regularly hemorrhaging bandits and ruled by a different warlord each week, chaos reigns and blood floods the streets. This pattern has held true for six decades straight without relief. The E.F.S. interdicts all aerial flights to into the city’s airspace and regular combat occurs along the border, but will not move in to restore order due to the legacy of the Ottawan annexation. A quick demise meets those who would travel to Atlanta without being ready for a fight and armed to the teeth.

Dangers of the Green

Plants that eat people, poison lined thorns, and various other dangerous flora pose the most constant threat to human life in Savannah. Brigandry is not common, but those who can brave the woods of Savannah are often more dangerous and in tune with nature than a common robber.