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Republik’s Geography

The Republik controls what was once Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Northern Italia, and Denmark.

Republik’s History

The Republik was amongst the first true states to rise from the ashes of the Lost Age, discovering how to properly shield and tune radios against new atmospheric conditions. They re-established long ranged communication, prioritized the collection and archiving of the written word, and took tirelessly to the task of reverse engineering scattered K-Field Generators and AC Gravity superconductors. Tireless labour in the name of progress has long defined the Republik’s national character, but their preservation of knowledge and safe urban centers has also allowed for much culture to bloom.

The Republik claims theoretical hegemony over Europe by right of holding what they consider to be its capital, Berlin. While this claim annoys its neighbours, the Republik’s policy of voluntary-only integration means that in practice this has led to little conflict over the years.

When the Republik came upon a society based around a still-functioning Caretaker AI, they warned the people of the risks that following AI brought. Some within the Republik maintained it was AI that had led humanity into the Lost Age. Whatever the case, the Franco-Iberian League rejected the offer of government by fallible humans in favour of their infallible machine. Whereas there were long debates and contradictory rhetoric in the Republik, the FIL had only to obey the dictates of a machine.

Prior to the war of 2714, the Republik and EFS worked together hand-in-hand to promote democratic rule across the world.

Republik’s Monetary System

It should be noted that the Eastern Free States Dollar (EFSD) and RepubliMark (RM) correspond one-to-one thanks to the Atlantic Currency Union, a longstanding scheme to normalize values and bully the FIL into adopting the joint system to help open up its markets. In spite of much fury and confusion, the ACU has yet to collapse under the weight of its two principle members being engaged in open warfare. Truly, the dollar is thicker than blood.