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QuickStart CharGen

Step 1. CAPS

There are four main stats in AdA, each on a 100 point scale.

Charisma: Force of personality.
Agility: Speed and precision.
Perception: Sight and aim.
Strength: Physical prowess.

Rate your character’s ability in these four stats from best to worst. This sets the starting value according to the following table:

2nd Best26Bonus2
2nd Worst22Bonus2

Step 1.5 Calculate Additional Stats

Now that you have your C.A.P.S. you can now roll your additional stats, remember that B stands for “Bonus,” the tens column of the adjoining stat--Charisma 35 characters have a CB of 3, for example. 1d5 means roll 1d10 then divide by 2.

Vitality: 10+1d5+SB
Psyche: 10+1d5+CB
Social Layers: 3 Layers (does not include Layer Zero)
Resistance: SB+(AB/2)

Alertness: PB
Movement: 14+(AB*4)m
Luck: 1d10
Moxie: 2

Step 2. Select Origin

These three truncated origins are a fraction of the choice available in the full game, designed for quick character generation with minimal choices to make.

Ottawan Patrician

Languages: Intglish, Froztong (C: Intglish), Quebecois
Attributes: +3 Charisma
Skills: +1 Rhetoric
Cultured (E): Knows how to act in polite company, granting 1 social layer in such circumstances.
Always Poised: +1 Social Layer.
Cold Res: In cold climes, treat as if though naturally having one layer of Warm.
Memento: Silk Undies (Lower)

Northern Cityfolk

Languages: Intglish, Slick (C: Intglish)
Attributes: +2 Charisma
Skills: +1 Wiz, +1 Blending
Streetwise (E): Knows how to act in impolite company, granting 1 social layer in such circumstances.
Truesight: +20 on rolls to discern the motive of another, or see through a lie.
Swift: +2m of movement speed.
Memento: Crowbar

Rural Southerner

Languages: Intglish, Drawl (C: Intglish)
Attributes: +5 Strength
Skills: +1 Fieldcraft
Straight Shooter: Aim increases a shot’s to-hit by an additional +5.
Blue Blood: Blood is blue, +1 Vitality restored per sleep.
Memento: Appalachian Special

Step 3. Select Bonus Trait

Forward! (F)

+6m to movement when charging.

Quick Draw
Equipping a weapon is a free action for you.


+10 to Called Shots.


+5 on Parry, Footwork, and Block attempts.


+10 on rolls to make unarmed attacks.

Healthy I

+2 Vitality

Step 4. Select Background

These are a few truncated versions of backgrounds from the long list available in the full game.

Sky Captain

Prowling the skyways near and far for adventure and coin, the Sky Captain is upholden to only themselves.
Combat Preference: When you select Combat as an Educational Area, +1 Skill Point to spend in that area.
Trait(s): Aeronautician
Fatigues: Tricorne; Canvas Jacket; Ribbed Top; Sailor’s Uniform, Lower; Leather Corselet;

Big Game Hunter

Vast and treacherous creatures prowl the Wilds in the Akroydiesel Age. Whether for fame, fortune, or a way to pass the time the Big Game Hunter seeks them out and slays them.
Survival Preference: When you select Survival as an Educational Area, +1 Skill Point to spend in that area.
Trait(s): Gamesman; Tracker
Fatigues: Pith Helm; Canvas Jacket; Sportswear, Upper & Lower; Gauzy Lingerie, Upper & Lower;

Con Artist

A fool and his money are soon parted, so why not be the one to do the parting? Con Artists prey on the new riches civilization has afforded the previously destitute, moving from city to city before their number comes up.
Graft Preference: When you select Graft as an Educational Area, +1 Skill Point to spend in that area.
Trait(s): Step Right Up!
Fatigues: Ribbed Top; Suit Pants; Tie; Derby Hat


Artistic renaissance has brought music to the forefront of cultured and uncultured society, leaving the musician in high demand--audiences from the most remote hamlet to the grandest opera hall seek a good tune to celebrate.
Social Preference: When you select Social as an Educational Area, +1 Skill Point to spend in that area.
Trait(s): Player (Instrument of Choice)
Fatigues: Suit Vest; Flapper Dress; Stockings

Free Lance

Light Lances are the personal mechanized suits that have revolutionized combat and industry alike--Free Lances offer their services as pilots of these powerful machines to the highest bidder.
Operational Preference: When you select Operational as an Educational Area, +1 Skill Point to spend in that area.
Trait(s): Operator
Fatigues: Pilot’s Helmet; Pilot’s Uniform, Upper & Lower; Compression Armour, Upper & Lower;


With the easy path to ancient lore dead like so many fried SSDs, the inventor takes the road less traveled--attempting to create completely anew.
Theoretical Preference: When you select Theoretical as an Educational Area, +1 Skill Point to spend in that area.
Trait(s): Just Add Power
Fatigues: Lab Coat; Jumpsuit, Rubber; Woolen Undies, Upper & Lower;

Step 5. Assign Educational Areas

See Educational Areas.

Step 6. Select Weapon

Select 1
Bat (Wood)

Select 1
Tricutter + 0.41 Rounds x6
Appalachian Special + .38 Rounds x17
.22 Rifle + 0.22 Rounds x 10
Scrap Shield

Step 7. Shop

You have $30 EFSD to have on-hand or to spend on additional gear before play begins.