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Philly the City

Reared along the west, and only west, bank of the Delaware river stands a proud monument to industry and the defiance of man. The gaseous fog that hangs over Jersey stops at the river, and on the far side of the water the city’s splendor begins with the affluent waterfront district where the wealthy live and work. The industrial core of the city for those striving to live and most folks to work is behind it, and in the outer limits one finds sprawling squalor.

Philly the Wilds

The Philly countryside is dotted with survivalist communities, heavily wooded, and frequently dangerous. Those without an intimate knowledge or the geopolitical landscape and a good head on their shoulders are liable to walk into an ambush or ancestral feud. These backwoods are a nasty tableau for outsiders, with deeply rooted overgrowth and a myriad of edible and poisonous flora alike. If the locals, creatures, or lack of easily discernible grub do not kill you then the boredom might just do the trick: there is little betwixt Philly and Appalachia to the west save the wilds.

Political Situation in Philadelphia

Attempts to fix the grinding halts that often arrest completion on government contracts in the city were stifled when the board room where the meeting between labour unionists and the feds went down got shot up. Everyone knows the Cymermen did it, but nobody can pin them: a little chaos is too good for the blood business to pass up.

On a whole, the Populist party does well here, but the Unionists can occasionally carry a few districts. The Capital party’s interest has grown with the rise in output brought about by the war.

Some of the independent enclaves in the woods are separatists, others E.F.S. loyalists. Knowing the difference is often the key to not getting dead in the bush, but the State Guard conducts brutal “police actions” anytime the separatists ever get out of line so they know not to push their luck beyond their own squats.

Social Order

Philly is a city in the grips of organized crime and cut throat criminals. The local government grows more irrelevant by the day and only E.F.S. federal production imperatives keep order in the city. This means the State Guard, outside of brutal revenge attacks, does little to protect the city at large. The coast and port are kept very much in clean order however, and no pirate dares come near the city’s waters.

The feeling on the ground is desperate and liable to snap at any minute. The Cymermen are fanning the flames to profit even more, and the Bushwhackers are closing in on what could be the final piece of evidence they need to take them down: this creates a very deadly situation indeed, as that could lead to allout internal war between the agency and federal enforcers. The Cymermen could not hope to stand against the military might of the E.F.S., even with the lion’s share of the forces abroad of holding down the siege of NYC, but it is said by some they lack the capacity to keep the nation in wartime operation without the enforcement of the Cymermen.

Guns & Sundry

Philly has made a name for itself as a small arms manufacturing hub, with large corporations and small time gunsmiths alike setting up shop to produce here. Between heavy industry, shipping, and being the primary linchpin of north-south railways Philly can boast a healthy shipbuilding industry kicked into overdrive for wartime production. Employment is not hard to come by, but labour disputes are common and violent.

Dangers of Philly

If the labour conflict, survivalists, or general brigandry do not stop someone from traversing Philly then they will find that the local small arms industry’s boom has made for some very well armed people. Ammunition is in easy supply, both garden variety and special types. Highway robbers with armour piercing rounds, thugs with hollow points, and survivalists with incendiary rounds give that extra spark of danger to wandering the lands.