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Crux of the Gulf

Bogs and floodplains dominate the terrain. Wracked by storms and run through with raging rivers, Okefenokee represents the greatest opening to the gulf still operational. Without the Appalachians in the way it’s fairly straightforward drive across land into the frontier, and also between east coast and gulf coast ports within the state. Weather is turbulent in the Akroydiesel Age all around, but doubly so in Okefenokee.

Politics in Okefenokee

The Populist Party’s issues dominate the state, and the Unionists have fallen out of favour since the fall of Atlanta. The Capital Party’s major interest in the state is extracting the large amounts of, but hard to get at, Akroydiesel beneath the ground: they have invested in the state’s prison system and labour to that end, as well as getting pipelines made. Due to the transient nature of so many of the residents of Okefenokee their politics are generally communal or state level, specific local issues taking primacy over others. One key exception is piracy, and every politician swears to combat the scourge of pirates.

Life on the Road

Caravans up and down the state bringing goods and supplies from where they can be bought low to where they can be sold high are where many Okees’ live and die. Their culture and practices have adapted to this over time, and they travel in numbers for economic and physical safety.

Life Under the Domes

For those who live neither in motion nor the ports, there are the domes. Ancient homes built to resist the ravages of the waves are frequently inhabited by new denizens, and where they are clustered together they grow into communities. This has fostered close living, given their inability to create new homes, and frequently people displaced from these towns must either take up caravaning else go find work in the ports.

Flow of Cash in O-K

Trade with Tejas and traffic coming down the Mississippi enrich the state, but also make it reliant on water traffic which can be frequently threatened by pirate-infested Ocala. This has stressed interstate relations, but also driven up wages due to the associated risks. There is also a thriving insurance market. Domestically, terrace farms and fishing provide all the local food, but more often than not it is not enough.

Akroydiesel in the bogs is a bountiful resource, but a hard one to tap. Only major corporations with good engineers can erect derricks in the bog, though operating them does not require such additional talent or finesse.

Bogfolk and Bog Beasts

Deep within the bogs of Ocala there is a group of people who prefer to have nothing to do with outsiders. They have learned to tame the mighty creatures that lurk in the waters, and they deploy them with lethal efficiency against any and all trespassers. The E.F.S. and Okefenokee State Guard have a leave-and-let-live policy on the bog folk, but they will respond with force to any incursions into established “civilized” territory. Even if one does not encounter hostile bogfolk, the beasts they breed can be just as vicious found untamed in the wild.