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Le Terre de Marie

The Lay of the Land of Mary

Le Terre de Marie, or Letaire as it’s sometimes called for short, is a bountiful and rich land of fertile soil and bountiful mineral wealth. Annapolis, the capital, shines with a resplendent white sheen across the ancient still-functioning structures and newly expanded shipyards it proudly boasts of. The rural landscape of farmlands, woodlands, and swamps that produce a bounty of natural resources.

However, the landscape’s beauty belies the reason it was so underdeveloped before the Universalists came. The waters of Maryland house some of the last remaining hostile megafauna on the Seaboard. The Chesapeake is deathly toxic six months out of the year. Deep in the bogs, sinister Morphants with terrible loads are brewed and bred by the locals.

Ol’ Anna and Washington

Washington has long wanted Annapolis for its own, and given its being across the Chesapeake from the rest of Le Terre de Marie some folks are inclined to agree it belongs with them--however its role as Letaire’s capital makes it too vital to cede, and its culture to disparate from the Washingtonian sprawl about it to easily integrate.

Church & States in Le Terre de Marie

People align more closely with their religion (or lack thereof) in Letaire, and the Universalist line is less likely to break than a given Party one--granted, the Capital Party is ever the exception to that rule.

Universalists and Populists alike strive to convince the Church to align with them on a particular issue, but the faroff dictates of Rome are beyond their sway: instead they target the Seaboard See’s very own Cardinal, who is generally eager to engage politically in Washington and at home. Populists usually have a better time with Universalist voters, while the non-religious community has taken to protest voting for the Capital Party for their blatant refusal to engage on religious issues, making them an unlikely stronghold for the Party in a few key districts.

Society of Le Terre de Marie

Society has started to take a decidedly repressed feeling in Letaire. While the dictates of the Church tend to be fairly lax, in practice adherents will attempt to one-up each other on the subjects of piety and purity. While individual vicars are not as unified as they would like to broadcast to the public, the mainline is not accepting of those who diverge far from a simple life of economic production and monogamous procreation. Invariably this fuels the flames of youthful rebellion.

Heavy naval presence in Ol’ Anna, as Annapolis is sometimes known, is derived from Naval Academy being there. Sailors and cadets alike flood the watering holes most weekends, much to the chagrin of the moralising puritans.

Medicinal Goods

While not short on resources, Letaire’s best known for its medical goods: especially the miracle Akroygel known as Kolt. This substance is jealously guarded by the E.F.S. military and a key component to it success on a number of fronts.

Deadly Waters, Dark Alleys, Deathly Bogs

Between the gigantic crabs and occasional krakens of the waters, Letaire poses other dangers: the bogs are riddle with Morphants carrying a load of strange morphs ranging from eccentric to outright fatal for the injected. This owes to the strange people who have lived and cultivated morphants there for centuries who reject the Universalist society outside wholeheartedly. They are not kind to outsiders, especially those of Universalist affiliation, and will commonly deploy traps and tamed beasts to defend their homesteads or kill interlopers on anything they consider to be their land.

Of course, you do not need to look too far from “civilization” to find danger: conscientious objectors fleeing conscription on religious grounds usually hold up in Letaire, and everyone from local police to the State Guard to Bushwhackers can get called up to deal with them. This has created a hostility between locals and the authority exploited by organized crime affiliates willing to pay lip service to local customs in return for their complicity. On a whole this has begun to raise the body count of any given police action as whole communities turn their backs on law enforcement and the clergy is an increasingly uncooperative peacemaker.