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FIL Geography

The Franco-Iberian League controls what was once France, Spain, and Portugal.

FIL History

The Franco-Iberian League is the joint military and governmental apparatus that oversaw the dictates of the Caretaker from its tower in Paris until 2713, when sabotage now attributed to the Republik resulted in a break down in their previous way of life. From the Pyrenees Joint Military Command (JMC) has always tended to military matters, while the Executive Council of Deputies are the officials the Caretaker entrusted to make decisions it either could or would not (for reasons largely esoteric to its human subjects).

The FIL is a crossroads, from Maghreb to Britannia and the Republik to the EFS, many traders come through on their way elsewhere. Some wander and find themselves lost here forever, drinking quality wine at discount prices in hotels telling of their distant origins. Regardless, the Franks and Iberians both have very strong senses of personal culture. They have always been somewhat skittish about union, but the Caretaker provided for them both, and so they collaborated. Over the centuries a grudging respect formed between their military traditions, and those who have served in the FIL’s armed forces are generally the most in favour of continued union.

In the wake of this event multiple small regions, include Brittany, Asturias, and great Basque country, have seceded. Others like Catalonia have come to new agreements within the FIL as autonomous regions, relieving the Council of providing for them but still providing full military integration. After fingering the Republik for the deed officially in the “Announcement of Anathema and Blame,” the FIL quickly made war upon their neighbour. A war which has just begun to rage in 2714.