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Educational Areas

Educational Areas Overview

There are six Educational Areas, each with three skills apiece. Educational Areas encompass all 18 skills in the game. Players have a Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Educational Area.

Primary Educational Area
Gain three skill points to spend in your Primary Educational Area. Tests made in your Primary Educational Area gain a +10 and have the option to Psyche Out over in the event of a failed roll. In exchange for taking 1d4 points of Psyche damage the player may reroll a failed check on any skill in the Primary Educational Area.

Secondary Educational Area
Gain two skill points to spend in your Secondary Educational Area. Tests made in your Secondary Educational Area gain a +5.

Tertiary Educational Area
Gain one skill point to spend in your Tertiary Educational Area. Tests in your Tertiary Educational Area are made as normal.

Educational Areas & Skills

Hitting targets with ranged weapons is governed by Perception-augmented Marksmanship tests. Lining up a sniper shot is only a Marksmanship roll, as perceiving the target is not at issue—but rather the intricate technicalities of arranging the shot are.

Hitting targets with melee weapons is governed by Agility or Strength-augmented Melee tests, depending on the type of weapon.

Tactics is used to gain the upperhand in initiative, plan combat and realize the combat plans of others, and effectively orchestrate warfighting groups on the ground in the heat of battle. Certain situations could call for special uses of the Tactics skill—for example, analyzing the combat style of an unusual foe and studying to find a weakness might be a Melee+Tactics combined skill roll.

Knowing how and where to deploy what to do the most damage to an intended target.
Setting some traps will require an Agility-augmented or Strength-augmented Trapping roll. The Degrees of Success used to set a trap set its Stealth level. Determining the prime location to lay a trap is a Perception-augmented Trapping roll. Construction of a unique trap is a Trapping-Repair Combined Skill Test.

Picking someone out of a crowd or a bush, noticing skid marks on an old dusty floor, and more observations of a physical nature are Perception-augmented Spotting tests. Feeling around for hidden doors\levers\buttons are Agility-augmented Spotting tests. Degrees of success in these tests are used to detect hidden characters, as described in Stealth (page number).

Hiding and coming upon another unannounced in the wild parts of the world is an Agility-augmented Fieldcraft roll. Digging trenches is a Strength-augmented Fieldcraft roll. Foraging for food and seeking herbs in the Wilds are Perception-augmented Fieldcraft rolls. For a given herb’s rarity, Abundant herbs are +30 to find and each step rarer herbs grow -20 harder to find. Some herbs are more or less rare in certain locations. How hard it is to find food depends on the terrain.

Distracting with falsehoods, masking your motive, seeing through someone else’s con. Wiz is frequently used in social combat. Charisma-augmented Wiz rolls are made to tell lies. Perception-augmented Wiz is used to see through the lies of others and discern hidden motives.

Busting down doors and forcing open hatches\other simple machinery locks is a Strength-augmented Jigging roll. Picking locks and engaging in other tool-based manipulation to open things is Agility-augmented Jigging. Throwing an object so as to draw attention elsewhere is a Perception-augmented Jigging roll.

Keeping yourself obfuscated in a crowd is an Agility-augmented Blending roll. Appearing to belong in an environment is a Charisma-augmented Blending roll. Taking refuge around the hidden places of the city, crate piles and back-alley dumpsters, is an Agility-augmented Blending roll. Hiding in urban environments and crowds.

Harvesting valuable materials. Perception-augmented Salvaging rolls are made to scan the horizon for obvious signs of loot, and Salvaging +10% Skill rolls to rummage around in the piles. Strength-augmented Salvaging is used to tear out a piece of considerable size from something while keeping it in its current condition. Agility-augmented Salvaging is used to carefully remove sensitive materials from their casing.

Repairing or manipulating machines\constructs. Repairing items is usually a pure Repair skill roll. The standard repair for a melee weapon is Repair +20% and for a gun Repair +10%, although a successful Savvy +0% on the item or other background knowledge can help you. Repairs made to fine machinery are Agility-augmented. Repairs made using\involving the manipulation of large objects is Strength-augmented.

Having an accumulated knowledge of the way things works. Savvy +0% Pure Skill Tests may be used the first time you see any item for the first time to learn what it is, what it does, and any other commonly known information about it (general region of manufacture, etc). Figuring out a strange vehicle’s controls is a Perception-augmented Savvy test. Figuring out the operation of a strange device is an Agility-augmented Savvy test. A Savvy-Repair Combined Skill Test is made to reverse engineer the blueprint of a device one is examining.

General knowledge of fields such as Geology, Chemistry, and Engineering. Discovering the scientific properties of a material utilizing the proper instruments is a pure Physical roll. Knowing whether something is or is likely to be conductive of electricity, knowing if something is flammable or not, and knowing what chemical compounds are deadly are which are benign are all Physical skill rolls. Noticing these qualities in action is a Perception-augmented Physical roll. Agility-augmented Physical is used to concoct (mix and alter chemicals).

General knowledge of the living forms of the Akroydiesel Age and their structure. Figuring out esoteric details of a biological specimen utilizing the proper instruments is a pure Biology roll. Perception-augmented Biology rolls can determine whether a species is hostile or a newfound material is edible\poisonous. Biology skill points increase the amount of Vitality healed per MedKit usage on a 1:1 basis. Surgery is performed in two parts, the Perception-augmented Biology roll to determine what must be done and the Agility-augmented Biology roll to determine how well the job is done. Other people may be delegated to do these tasks at a -10 but substituting in their Agility/perception whilst retaining the “surgeon’s” Biology skill. The final target for these tests is not given up front—it is only after the surgery has been done you will find out how things have changed, for better or worse. Agility-augmented Biology is used to cook high quality meals—although Agility-augmented Fieldcraft addresses cooking without proper facilities or simply sufficiently heating meat to ensure edibility.

Utilizing a contemporary Computational device (difference engines, analytical devices, and analog computers) is a Computational +20 Skill roll. Utilizing a computer from before the Lost Age is a pure Computational +0 Skill roll. Computational is also used to indicate familiarity with formal logic, advanced technical writing proficiency, and esoteric mathematical knowledge. Performing tasks with complicated machinery is an Agility-augmented Computational test. Discerning codes and numerical sequences is a Perception-augmented Computational test.

Making a simple attempt to bargain over a price is a Charisma-augmented Logistics roll. Reckoning the proper distribution of supplies for an Army given accurate reports is a Logistics Skill roll. Determining the likely profitability of a given trade voyage is a Logistics skill roll. Guesstimating the markup a given merchant is charging for their goods is a Perception-augmented Logistics roll. Knowing the general worth of an item you understand fully the use of is a pure Logistics skill roll. Perhaps most universally applicable, Logistics governs one’s ability to source hard-to-acquire items.

Logistics-Rarity Relationship

Logistics 1AbundantYou can usually get a 5% discount on abundant goods.
Logistics 2CommonYou can find common goods in any town.
Logistics 3UncommonYou can find uncommon goods in any city.
Logistics 4ScarceYou know where scarce things are sold if they’re unavailable.
Logistics 5RareYou can always locate rare goods dealers in cities, if not specific goods.
Logistics 6RelicYou know how to go about pricing the priceless.

Writing persuasively is a Rhetoric +10 Pure Skill Test. Convincing people you belong somewhere whilst talking to them is a Charisma-augmented Rhetoric roll. Detecting a hidden meaning or message in speech\writing is Perception-augmented Rhetoric. Rhetoric is chiefly used for Social Combat, where it has a variety of uses.

Performing an instrument, telling the truth and having it be believed by a skeptical audience, and conveying emotion are all Charisma-augmented Expression rolls. Playing a musical instrument is an Expression skill roll.