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The Akroydiesel Age is a dieselpunk setting which harkens back to the society and style of 1930s America. With an anachronistic set of technologies futuristic and old fashioned, AdA is a world littered with loot, mutants, and monsters without forsaking sophisticated societies. This book covers the Eastern Free States (E.F.S.)), the government of what was the United States’ East Coast.

It has been an eon since unified human civilization was shattered by an engineered catastrophe that nearly destroyed humanity. Civilization’s resurgence over the past century and a half stands in stark opposition to the lands still wallowing in the scars of the Lost Age. The discord sewn by clashes between newly risen nation-states means the land must flow with blood and oil.

The Akroydiesel Age RPG is a tabletop role playing game set in AdA’s world. It utilizes d100 (two d10) conflict resolution, combining the relevant stat and skill to determine the odds of success. You can now own it! Available at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow!

The official podcast, Astounding Adventures of the Akroydiesel Age (AAAA!) is available on Anchor.fm.

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